‘The Voice’ Contestant Wendy Moten’s Fall Injuries More Serious Than Originally Thought

Last week, The Voice contestant Wendy Moten suffered a hard fall that stopped production on the hit singing competition reality show for a short moment.

At the end of the episode, which was a results show, Moten reappeared on stage and assured fans that she was fine, but her appearance on this week’s episode shows she was far more injured than she’d originally let on.

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Wendy Moten has been a fan favorite on this season of The Voice ever since her powerhouse debut in the blind audition phase of the competition. She and coach Blake Shelton have been seen as shoe-ins for the finale, if not to win the entire show.

Last week, however, Moten suffered a scary incident and though she brushed it off at the time, viewers later learned that the former backup singer had severely injured herself.

In last week’s result show, following a performance with the rest of Shelton’s team, Moten tripped over a monitor and fell hard to the floor. Production on the show came to a halt as Moten’s fellow contestants, Shelton, and several other crew members rushed to her side to help her up and take her backstage.

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Later in the program, Moten came out on stage with the remaining contestants and assured fans and viewers that she was fine after the terrifying fall, but it seems like that wasn’t the case after all.

This week, Moten continued with the competition, but she had two new accessories that Shelton immediately noticed. On both arms, she wore casts thanks to a break in her right elbow as well as a fractured left hand. “So, you had the fall onstage.

The next thing I know, you’re telling Carson [Daly] you’re OK. Next thing I know, we were going to do rehearsals that night, and you’re in the hospital,” Shelton recapped with obvious shock.

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Despite her recent trials, not to mention her literal broken bones, Moten was determined not to lose any more time to her injuries and was ready and amped to continue with the competition.

Shelton joked, “Just promise me you won’t break both your legs!” Moten quipped back, “I’m not breaking nothin’! They’ll have to wheel me out in a wheelchair, and I’ll sing and they can wheel me back out.”

The other coaches were also impressed with Moten’s ability to get right back on the horse. Kelly Clarkson commended Moten on her performance of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene,” adding, “I know what your week has been like.

I mean, kudos for you for even being on the stage right now and getting it done.” Clarkson continued, “To come out here as nothing happened to you and you’re perfectly fine and to tell a story like that in such a sorrowful way, it was so beautifully sad. Well done.”

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Shelton was quick to toot his team member’s horn as well, bragging, “By the way, America, I’ve never seen a better example of strength and perseverance and fearlessness standing on this stage.

She’s here to win this thing.” We’re glad to see Wendy Moten, injuries and all, back on the stage. We wish her a speedy recovery and luck as she continues on her journey with The Voice.

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