Are Wendy Williams’ Fans Ever Going To See Her On TV Again?

According to the latest reports, the chances of Wendy Williams coming back to TV is slim. Sadly, Wendy’s health issues are worsening and sources close to Wendy are saying she has completely lost her spark but that’s not all. Ever since Wendy stepped back from her show to deal with her health issues and drug addiction some staff have begun to disclose some of Wendy’s dark secrets.

Wendy Williams Has Been Through A Lot

Wendy has been struggling with addictions and multiple health problems for years. She recently went through a messy divorce with her husband, Kelvin Hunter after nearly twenty-two years of marriage. Kelvin had been allegedly leading a double life with his mistress, Arena for a decade before Wendy filed for a divorce.

Are Wendy Williams’ Fans Ever Going To See Her On TV Again?

The last straw for Wendy was learning that Kelvin had a child secretly with his supposed mistress. Undoubtedly, Wendy went through mental torture after discovering the sudden news of her husband’s secret child, which landed her on the hospital bed for a couple of days.

Despite all that, Wendy continued her career and acted as if nothing happened. She recently suffered more serious complications as a result of addiction to drugs and existing health issues.

Back in September, she was spotted being pushed in a wheelchair in front of her Manhattan residents and it has been so since the very day. Days after she was seen being aided with a wheelchair, the Mail Online published a report claiming Wendy’s health was drastically declining and released an official statement which stated that Wendy is still not ready to work in the meantime.

Several reports prove that Wendy is suffering from early-onset dementia and that Sherri Shepherd would permanently replace her on The Wendy Williams show going forward. And whatever little hope there was of Wendy coming back, we are now hearing that Wendy’s staff is convinced Wendy will never return to the show.

According to a new report by the Sun, Wendy’s health has taken a dramatic turn for the worse and she’s now at a point where she can’t even dress or recognize her friends.  One inside told Sun that the spark is gone. That Wendy who for years had that spark in her eyes, that cheeky grin and little wink is not the same now. “She is not always functioning like she used to be,” the source explained.

She has days where she needs help eating, getting out of bed, and getting dressed. What is even more upsetting is that Wendy reportedly cannot even recognize her colleagues. We pray for Wendy and ask that God gives her all-around health. She needs such much love and support.

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