Whoopi Goldberg And Drew Barrymore Talk Dating Younger Men: ‘You Cannot Make The Distance Five Years’

Dating younger men is all well and good in Whoopi Goldberg’s world, but there’s a limit.

On Tuesday, the co-host of “The View” appeared on Global’s “The Drew Barrymore Show” and talked to the host about her rules for going out with younger men.

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“I’m on a dating app and sometimes I’ll swipe by and this 35-year-old guy will run by. I’m 46 and I’m like I already have two children, I don’t need another,” Barrymore told her. “And so then I’m like, ‘Well that’s not going to work and then I’m like well I wouldn’t really want someone judging me on my age.

Age doesn’t really represent people,’ but I think I would love to be with someone who.” Goldberg responded, “It cannot be five years. You cannot make the distance five years. You can’t because if they are five years younger than you there’s a whole section of time that’s gone that makes it difficult.

I once had a partner who said to me once, ‘I did not know Paul McCartney had a band other than Wings.’ He was young. And I said, ‘Umm, so you don’t know much about The Beatles?’ and then he said it, ‘Who are The Beatles?’ And that’s too young.” Barrymore added, “I just want to be with someone my own age or older.

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I just want to keep moving forward,” to which Goldberg replied, “If you are going to do a hit and run you can have somebody younger. Let us not forget, sometimes you don’t want an entire relationship. Sometimes you just need a little boom boom.”

Also on the show, Goldberg and Barrymore recalled meeting on the set of “The Color Purple”, and the guest shared her memory of performing her “Black E.T.” stand-up set in front of director Steven Spielberg.

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When the director heard about the bit, in which Elliott is a boy from the projects, he told Goldberg, “Well, you know I want to see it now.”

According to Goldberg, “He laughed and fell on the floor.”

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