Whoopi Goldberg declares ‘white people’ are the ones who need to ‘step up’ and make skin color a non-issue in America

Whoopi Goldberg told a guest co-host on Tuesday’s edition of “The View” that it’s the responsibility of “white people” to “step up” and make skin color a non-issue in America.

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What are the details?

Guest co-host Michele Tafoya — an NBC Sports reporter — made the mistake of wondering out loud in front of the show’s left-wing co-hosts why young children are being taught in the classroom that skin color matters so much all of a sudden.

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Tafoya said when her son was younger, he was friends with a black boy and a Korean boy for years — but once they got older, their friendships fizzled because the black boy and Korean boy were introduced to their “affinity groups” with other students of the same race.

“Why are we even teaching that the color of the skin matters?” Tafoya asked the panel before echoing the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “‘Cause to me, what matters is your character and your values.”

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Goldberg quickly fired back at the newbie.

‘We need white people to step up and do that!’

“Yes, but you know, you live in the United States,” Goldberg told Tafoya. “You know that color of skin has been mattering to people for years.”

“Can’t we change it so it doesn’t?” Tafoya shot back, her voice raised a bit.

“Well, we need white people to step up and do that!” Goldberg replied.

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Tafoya offered that white people have been doing that very thing “since the Civil War,” although not perfectly.

It didn’t matter to Goldberg, who officially got riled up: “No, no, no, no, they haven’t! … Listen, when you have a country — or let’s talk about a state — where somebody can be hung from a tree, and it’s OK?”

“That’s not, OK,” Tafoya said.

“Well, it was OK. It was OK in the South. People did it all the time. People would run you down. And not that long ago,” Goldberg said.

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‘There are still lynchings going on today’

Co-host Sunny Hostin interjected that “there are still lynchings going on today.”

Her words weren’t explained at the moment, but it may be that Hostin equates the controversial killings of the likes of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Brionna Taylor to lynchings in the sense that — as a CNN feature on the subject pointed out — those deaths can carry the same emotional weight for the black community today.

A June 2020 essay for the Institute for Policy Studies — “I Remember the Lynchings of the 1960s. They’re Still Happening.” — says as much.

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Anything else?

Goldberg added that disgust about racism is crucial in order to “get to the place that everybody thought we were with race and all the conversations. But America has had her reckoning. It continues to happen because unless we can say, ‘This is what the country was like.

This is what we don’t want to be anymore,’ we have to teach the little ones to respect people because you’ll be around people, you’ll see people, you’ll hear people say things that won’t make sense to you. This is what happens in the country because we’re not past that.”

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