Whoopi Goldberg gains 30 pounds after bingeing on comfort foods

Whoopi Goldberg has, allegedly, packed on the pounds since she’s been relying on food for comfort.

According to Globe, Whoopi Goldberg recently gained 30 pounds, and she now weighs 200 pounds. This, allegedly, puts her at risk of dying early.

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“Whoopi’s stress levels are through the roof, and she’s been gorging on food as a way to deal and now she’s as big as a house. It’s shocking how much weight she put on over the summer alone.

She was always good at hiding the bulges under big blouses, but she’s tipping the scales at 200 pounds and she’s been the heaviest she’s ever been,” the source said. The source added that all the drama on The View has stressed Goldberg to her core. And she usually ends up eating nonstop to keep her calm and less agitated.

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“It’s definitely taking its toll. She’s pigging out on M&Ms and chips and knocking back the sodas, and she looks like she hasn’t exercised a day in her life,” the source said. The actress’s friends have, allegedly, expressed their concern for Goldberg.


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And they are also worried that her sudden weight gain can result in a stroke or a heart attack. To make things worse, Goldberg usually sleeps late because she has a lot of things to do at home.

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And there are also instances wherein she sleeps only a few hours. All these habits are allegedly putting Goldberg’s health in jeopardy. But while it may be true that Goldberg gained some weight, it’s not true that she’s tipped the scales at 200 pounds.

To make their dubious claims more believable, the tabloid published two throwback photos of the host. One of the photos was taken years ago when Goldberg was at her heaviest. And the second photo from a time when she was at her lightest.

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The tabloid purposely did this to make it seem that Goldberg gained 30 pounds just this past summer alone. But this isn’t necessarily accurate. Whoopi Goldberg is doing well, and there are no fears for her health.

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