Oprah Winfrey Grilled Will Smith About His Reportedly Open Marriage With Jada Pinkett Smith, Here’s What He Said

As many of you are aware, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have been in the news quite a bit over the last few years due to a story that Jada and rapper August Alsina had become “entangled” (which is a fancy way of saying cheating).

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That revelation resulted in much public scrutiny for the famous couple. What came to light and seemed to surprise a lot of people was the revelation that Will and Jada could actually have an “open relationship”. Will Smith recently sat down with Oprah, who wasted no time and asked the question the whole world is thinking. What is that about?

Will Smith recently sat down to do an episode of the Apple TV show, The Oprah Conversation, and as you can imagine, a great deal of what they ended up discussing was the intense nature of Smith’s Marriage to Jada. Oprah wasted no time in asking the heavy-hitting questions about the subject.

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One focus point is Jada Pinkett Smith’s unhappiness around the time of her 40th birthday, and how that unhappiness opened a door for her to stray and, in turn, for them to be able to communicate openly about their wants and needs to each other from that moment forth.

“We realized that it was a fantasy illusion that we could make each other happy. We agreed that she had to make herself happy and I had to make myself happy. Then we were going to present ourselves back to the relationship already happy — versus demanding that the other person fill our empty cup.

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We just decided, ‘You have to figure out how to be happy. Go figure out if you can be happy and prove to me it’s even possible. I’m gonna do me and you do you.” But as easy as that can be to say, it can be much harder to actually achieve.

Will Smith also goes on to explain that his wife never wanted a conventional marriage by any means. While it may be easy to call it an open relationship, they lean more towards calling it “loving in freedom.”

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Smith went on to explain the term deeper, “You love in freedom with everybody except your partner. It’s friendship versus marital prison … So we talk about everything. I think the difficulty that people have and difficulty in discussing it is people only think in terms of sex.”

He then goes on to say people seem so preoccupied with the idea that they have more “freedom in love”, but he is quick to point out the emphasis is not on sex. It is on being honest and open with one another about everything. Even when it’s difficult.

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Smith continued, “Will and Jada are on a spiritual journey to cleanse the poisonous, unloving parts of our hearts. And we’re doing it together in this life no matter what. But the goal is not a sexual goal, everybody. We are going to love each other no matter what.”

So as much as people want to attach labels to Will and Jada Pinkett Smith‘s marriage, the reality is, maybe we could all learn something from them. Perhaps being more honest and open in relationships would yield us greater results as well. Problem is, 99% of us are too insecure to ever find out.

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All that aside, Will and Jada are clearly in love and are clearly prioritizing each other still, and that tells you all you need to know about these two.

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