Princes William, Harry allegedly had a heated confrontation about Meghan Markle?

Prince William and Prince Harry, allegedly, had another heated confrontation about Meghan Markle, among many other things.

According to Woman’s Day, Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship has not improved in recent weeks. In fact, the unveiling the Princess Diana’s statue has taken a toll on the brothers’ once-close relationship.

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A source claimed that Prince William recently opened up to his closest friends about how he truly feels about Markle.

“William has never been convinced by Meghan and her motives for marrying into the royal family. And he does quietly worry their marriage won’t survive once Harry’s royal connections dry up,” the source said.

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The insider added that Prince William is just concerned about Prince Harry that’s why he’s worried that Markle would leave his brother when she no longer gets any benefits or favors from him.

“Meghan’s made a business out of trading off the Mountbatten-Windsors, and she’s already frustrated that the family is stonewalling things like allowing her to christen her daughter at Windsor Castle. William fears she will take that out on Harry – and if she leaves him, he’ll have no one,” the source said.

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With this, the source claimed that Prince Harry has vowed to never return to the United Kingdom. And this is one of the reasons why Prince William is even more worried about his younger brother.

After all, he believes that if the Duke of Sussex will freeze out the royal family then he would have nowhere else to go after his marriage to Markle falls apart.

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However, the only reason why Prince Harry, allegedly, vowed to never return to the UK is that Prince William accused him of secretly recording footage that will be used for his Netflix project.

Prince Harry didn’t, allegedly, like the allegations thrown at him so he decided to never set foot in his hometown. “Williams feels he was totally justified in asking point blank because he will not risk yet more reputational damage to his family,” the source said.

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However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. After all, Prince William and Prince Harry didn’t fight recently. And there’s also no proof that the Duke of Cambridge has been talking to his friends about Markle.

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