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Adele Makeup Tutorial You Need To TryIt seems like everywhere you look these days, someone, somewhere is trying their hand at impersonating Adele. Miss Piggy, the cast of “Saturday Night Live,” even Adele herself have made attempts at embodying the beloved singer.

Their efforts, of course, come with good reason. The only thing more beautiful than Adele’s sultry voice is, well, Adele.

She looks great no matter what, but her signature, done up look, including the one she chose for the cover of new album “25,” appears, to the naked eye, to focus mainly on heavy eye makeup, leading us and our liner-loving hearts to believe it might be easy to achieve.But is it really attainable for us mortals?

As it turns out, not so much. HuffPost Live makeup artist Kari Bauce and celebrity hair stylist Cassi Hurd broke the news that in fact, plenty more than just eyeliner is involved in achieving the dramatic look.

Lucky for us, thanks to Bauce and Hurd’s keen artistry and some very helpful do-it-yourself tips, we found that with a little patience (the look took about 50 minutes to achieve) and a lot of eyeliner, you’ll be on the other side of this makeup tutorial. In just 15 easy(ish) steps.

Adele Makeup Tutorial You Need To Try

To achieve Adele’s signature bouffant ‘do, Hurd sectioned off and blow-dried the bottom half straight, leaving plenty of hair up top to tease using a fine tooth comb (and lots of hairspray). She then secured the pieces in the back with bobby pins.

That’s when things got… interesting.

1. Start out with a flesh toned matte eyeshadow all over your lower eyelid (try NYX Nude Matte Eyeshadow).

Pro-tip #1: Shimmery makeup can look weird in black-and-white, (the way the “Hello” video was shot,) so that may be a good thing to remember for wedding photos, etc.

2. To create a deep crease in the eyelid, use two different colors (we used brownish pink It Cosmetics in
Soulful and purple/taupe Make Up For Ever in M546) angling the brush up, starting from the outside of the lid stopping at the middle, moving the brush upward.

3. Cover your entire face in foundation (Try Armani Luminous Silk).

Adele Makeup Tutorial You Need To Try

4. Spackle with another two layers of heavier foundation, blending all over with a wet makeup sponge (try Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer and Girlactik concealer).

5. Seal it up with some loose powder (try Ben Nye Luxury Banana powder).

6. Contour with a kit (we used the Anastasia Contour Kit) and a fluffy brush (we used It cosmetics brush #4) to prevent lines, starting under the chin and swiping a blend of all three contour colors in back and forth swipes.

7. Use the same brush and powder to swipe back and forth from your ear down the middle of your face on a diagonal.

Adele Makeup Tutorial You Need To Try

8. Thin out the top your nose out using that same contouring powder on each side, swiping from the inside of your brow to about halfway down your nose.

9. Create a heavy, defined brow with pomade (try Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow) and a tapered blending brush (we used MAC in 224) using the brush to round up the brow to reduce the arch.

Pro tip #2: Unless you have a lot of time and experience, don’t bother trying to get your eyebrows as thin as hers. As Bauce told us: “covering up eyebrows takes forever and is extremely complicated.”

Adele Makeup Tutorial You Need To Try

10. Using a bent brush (we used Sephora Pro Bent Liner Brush #23) and a cream based eyeliner (we used Make Up For Ever Aqua Black) create a wing, starting from the outside of your eye and working your way in.

Pro tip #3: if you start from the outside, you can erase as many times as you want until you get it right. If
you start from the inside, it’s much harder to keep doing it over.

Pro tip #4: Cream liner is easier to work with for most people than liquid, and it won’t flake the way liquid does.

Adele Makeup Tutorial You Need To Try

11. Curl your top eyelashes using a curler (try Shu Uemura).

12. Apply your favorite mascara to the top and bottom lashes, pulling the mascara out on a diagonal so your eyelashes move in the same direction as the winged liner.

13. Measure out a false eyelash (try Sephora Luxe False Lash) to fit your eye and then cut it in half, applying to only the outer third of each lid, using a tweezer to apply.

Adele Makeup Tutorial You Need To Try

14. Fill lips in with a nude liner (try Mac in Spice), very slightly overdrawing the top lip.

15. Blast “Hello” on repeat while a wind machine follows you around for the rest of the day, as you can see we did in the videos below.

Adele Makeup Tutorial You Need To Try

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