Style Lessons For Fashionistas – How To Dress For Virtual Dates

As social distancing becomes a norm, virtual dating has emerged as a popular trend. After all, there is no reason why singles shouldn’t continue looking for a perfect partner. Virtual dates enable you to meet prospective partners, know them better and take things to the next level if you like them enough.

But things are not as simple as they sound because no one is really used to the concept of dating on Zoom or Skype. The biggest challenge is probably about dressing right and looking good because you would want to impress your would-be partner, regardless of the fact that you are meeting them on screen. Here are some style lessons that can be of help.

Dress for the “occasion”

It sounds strange, but you should actually dress for the occasion as you would have for a real date. Whether it’s just a casual movie date he has suggested or an intimate formal dinner on a conference call, you need to pick your outfits accordingly. You wouldn’t want to surprise him by dressing in a formal gown for just a casual evening on Netflix. And you would want to look like a diva if it’s a wine and dine event. Just follow your instincts and you will be able to nail a perfect look that would steal his heart.

Be excited about the event

Dressing right for a virtual date should be important to you, which would be possible only if you are excited about the event. Rather than picking just anything from your wardrobe, go ahead and pamper yourself by buying a new one. Why not check out this YouTube channel JustFab for seeking some inspiration? You can surely get some cool ideas about buying something he’ll love to see you in. Take it as an occasion to indulge and let your excitement show as you dress your best for the date.

Pay attention to details on top

Since your date will be able to see your waist up most of the time, pay attention to the detailing on the top half of the outfit. For example, you may opt for one with a plunging V-neckline, ruffle detailing or statement sleeves to give you the extra dose of glamour. Styling your outfits with the right accessories like a statement necklace or a pretty pair of danglers can accentuate your look further. At the same time, don’t be careless about the bottom wear because he may ask for a dance anytime. Wear your heels as they give you the extra dose of confidence.

Makeup and hair are important too

Just like a real date, dressing for a virtual date requires planning to the tee. Your makeup and hair, therefore, deserve as much attention as your outfit does. Highlight your eyes and cheekbones and wear an amazing lip color that bowls him over. Choose a hairstyle that looks good on you, though you may settle for a simple ponytail on any day. Just remember that you shouldn’t be too loud, particularly when it’s the first date.

Nailing the perfect date night look for a virtual one requires some good thinking and style lessons. Still, dressing to impress on screen can be easy if you are confident enough to take the plunge!

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