Truth About Kendall Jenner Stealing Other People’s Boyfriends

Kendall Jenner doesn’t say much about her private life, however this has left her at the mercy of the tabloids’ overactive imagination. There have been several rumors the model has “stolen” someone else’s man. 

In 2018, the tabloid NW alleged Kendall Jenner was “in love” with Scott Disick. The story was concocted after the model was accused of shading Disick’s then-girlfriend, Sofia Richie. The outlet claimed Jenner had “feelings” for Disick for years.

A supposed insider told the publication Jenner’s “feelings” started as a crush while he was dating her sister, Kourtney Kardashian, but then “couldn’t help it” due to her “jealously” of Richie. The magazine further contended that Disick and Richie’s relationship was going south at the time and Jenner was “finally going to get her chance.” 

About a year later, RadarOnline falsely stated Jenner was “crushing” on Emily Ratajkowski’s husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard. The unreliable website alleged the reason Jenner was around Ratajkowski so much was that she was infatuated with the actress’ husband.

A dubious source claimed the situation was “hard” on Ratajkowski because she had no idea of Jenner’s feelings. If the Gone Girl actress wasn’t aware of Jenner’s feelings than how was it hard on her? Plus, at the time Jenner was dating NBA star, Ben Simmons. 

Following this, Life & Style published an outlandish piece that asserted Jenner slept with Travis Scott. Scott is the father of Jenner’s niece, Stormi Webster, who’s mother is, of course, Jenner’s youngest sibling, Kylie. An alleged source told the magazine when Kylie “discovered” Kendall “hooked up with Travis, she went ballistic! Kylie found provocative photos of Kendall and Travis and hit the roof.

She told friends that her sister was now dead to her!” But when or where did this alleged “hookup” take place? Nowhere! The entire premise was bogus and untrue. The idea that Kendall would even do that to her sister is beyond unbelievable and it’s also low of the tabloid to even create such a story.