Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: The final insult

Since Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle quit the royal family and moved to Canada, sources are now saying that the couple have no intention of ever returning.

And in a move that a top American publication today calls ‘the final insult’, the couple are accused of cutting off their families, most communication – and their UK staff.

According to a Us Weekly, the pair are ‘living in a bubble and don’t want any reminders of the past’ – and they have been dodging calls and are even thinking about snubbing the invite to come back to the UK for one last royal engagement.

“Harry’s pretty much cut himself off,” a source spills to the publication.

The couple are said to be happier now that they are free of the constraints of royal life.

“They’re finally living their life on their own terms and that’s given them a whole new purpose and sense of liberation,” the source adds.

According to the source the couple have escaped the chaos back home and are ‘genuinely happy’.

“They’re really enjoying Canada: it’s a completely different world from what they’re used to in London,” the insider continues.

The source goes onto say that they have much more freedom in Canada and the press don’t bother them and Meghan is ‘happy to be away from all of that’.

One thing for sure is that for now ‘they have no plans to return’.

“Right now they are all about getting Archie settled and adapting to life in North America,” the source adds.

Fans have noticed fewer Instagram posts since the royal couple stepped down in January.

Amid the drama surrounding their decision to quit the royal family and move to Canada, Harry and Meghan have only posted old snaps from pervious engagements on the account.

What’s more, the last time they shared fresh content, was when Meghan took to Instagram on January 22 to share the news of her surprise visit to animal charity Mayhew.

Since then, the only snaps the Duke and Duchess have shared have been rehashed images of them taking part in past engagements.

Despite the lack of fresh content, Harry and Meghan kicked off the New Year by revealing they only intended to follow one Instagram account per month.

At the time, the Duke and Duchess stated that their first “follow” would be a journalist-led Instagram account that publishes ‘good news only”.

Taking to their Instagram account, the Duke and Duchess revealed they will continue to use their social media to highlight one inspiring account each month in 2020.

“For 2020 we will be continuing our tradition of highlighting accounts that inspire, and that remind us of all the good that is happening in the world,” the royals posted. 

But whatever comes next, it remains clear – nothing will remain the same for the couple.