Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton Fights Causing ‘Awkward’ Tension On ‘The Voice’

According to a new report out this week, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s working relationship as judges on The Voice is starting to show strain due to the couple’s private fights over marriage.

The tabloid claims Stefani and Shelton are playing at getting along for the cameras, but behind the scenes, things are “awful and awkward” on the set of the popular singing competition show.

In Touch this week claims tensions over when Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are going to get married have carried over to their work on The Voice. Supposedly, Stefani is fed up with waiting for Shelton to propose to her. As a twice-divorced man, Shelton is allegedly dragging his feet about getting to the altar for the third time. A source tells the outlet,

Blake kept saying it’ll happen when the time is right. Gwen would get her hopes up on special occasions, thinking that he’d pop the question, then feel let down and humiliated being left empty-handed.

The source goes on to say that the “marriage conflict” wasn’t the only reason for tensions in the two’s relationship. Apparently, being in “lockdown and working together wasn’t doing their relationship any favors,” adding that being together “24/7” on Shelton’s Oklahoma ranch had also taken “a toll.” “It was too much!” exclaim the tattler.

In addition, Shelton and Stefani’s recent move to Los Angeles had exposed the fact that “Blake doesn’t like living in LA!” That buildup of tension has apparently had an adverse effect on the pair’s working relationship.

Now that Stefani and Shelton were back on set at The Voice, it’s supposedly becoming apparent to everyone who sees them that there’s trouble in paradise. “They say you should never mix business with pleasure,” the source opines, adding,

At The Voice, those around them have been saying it’s awful and awkward backstage and that Blake and Gwen just turn it on when the cameras start rolling and act like everything is fine.

Let’s get one thing straight: the only ones worrying over when or if Blake Shelton will propose to Gwen Stefani are the tabloids. Both Shelton and Stefani appear perfectly content with their relationship being where it is, with or without a ring.

In Touch has claimed for years that Stefani was upset over Shelton’s refusal to propose, but there is zero evidence to back those claims up. This outlet was also behind reports that Stefani had supposedly issued Shelton a marriage ultimatum. Each of these rumors has been thoroughly debunked, but that hasn’t kept this outlet from making the same false claims over and over again. Some people just never learn.