Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Initially Unaware Of Prince Charles Diagnosis

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly unaware of Prince Charles’ diagnosis and it is possible that they only found out about it after Clarence House released a statement.

During their return to London earlier this month, reports swirled that Prince Harry reunited with his dad. Prince Charles and Prince Harry reportedly had a conversation, and royal fans couldn’t help but worry about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s health.

“Did Harry know and Meghan know? If Charles got this thing that’s like all the Royals got to be in danger now surely #CoronavirusLockdown,” one Twitter user said.

“He better stay the [expletive] away from her majesty the queen and Prince Harry and the amazing Meghan Markle,” another person tweeted.

While speaking with Sky News, correspondent Rhiannon Mills said that doctors provided a conservative estimate that Prince Charles got infected around March 13, which was the day when he last saw Queen Elizabeth.

“Doctors’ most conservative estimate is that the Prince is likely to have been contagious from around March 13 – the day after he carried out his last official public engagement. People will also wonder when was the last time he saw his mother, Her Majesty the Queen, the last time the Queen met with the Prince was very briefly on March 12,” Mills said.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry reportedly felt the need to immediately return to London to be with his father after he found out about his diagnosis.

Royal correspondent Neil Sean told Fox News also said that Prince Charles’ coronavirus diagnosis helped end Prince William and Prince Harry’s feud.

“Harry and [his older brother] William are now on speaking terms again and this has healed the rift that was ongoing. Both brothers have linked with up to Charles via video and joked and made him feel happy that they were together again,” he said.