Did Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper Break Up Because Of Media Attention?

During the height of the Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper romance saga, a rumor went around that the two split up because of the intense media scrutiny. We’re taking a look back at this story and what we uncovered about it.

Last September, OK! reported that Gaga and Cooper’s romance ended after the singer was spotted kissing audio engineer Dan Horton. The tabloid stated that Cooper was the one who pumped the brakes on the relationship because he had “commitment issues.”

The magazine’s insider added that the romance was “too much too soon,” and even though Gaga was immensely committed to the relationship, Cooper couldn’t handle it. “All the attention they were receiving was just so intense. Bradley tends to move slowly in relationships anyway,” continued the informant.

From there, the insider stated the Hangover star’s head was “all over the place” because of his prior split from Irina Shayk, with whom he shares a daughter. The premise suggested this was also why the actor was “hesitant” to date his A Star Is Born co-star.

Still, the magazine didn’t think Gaga was over Cooper and still held out hope for him, even though the singer was with Horton at the time. “Deep down, Bradley still holds the key to her heart,” the source spilled, adding that “friends” of the two felt that “too much time has passed” at that point.

However, Cooper thought that “they’d find each other down the line” and reconcile. “But,” the publication’s source further stated, “Bradley’s indecision could have ruined his real chance of true love and happiness.”

For starters, there was never a romantic relationship between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. The singer herself was so sick of the rumors that she addressed it during an interview with Oprah Winfrey for Elle. She explained, saying,

Quite frankly, I think the press is very silly. I mean, we made a love story. For me, as a performer and as an actress, of course, we wanted people to believe that we were in love.

Gaga and Cooper are just good at convincing people that they have great chemistry. But in reality, the two were never an item. The singer has had several romances since this story came out and looks to now be dating Michael Polansky. You’d think that be enough to satisfy the tabloid, and yet OK! has continued to create so many bogus stories about the former co-stars that it’s hard to even keep track of all the lies.

Last March, the magazine alleged that Gaga and Cooper were planning on living together. The outlet purported the two were looking for a home together after Gaga ended her relationship with Christian Carino and Cooper was getting ready to end things with Shayk.

The entire story was fabricated. Gossip Cop noted that at the time, Cooper was still with Shayk, and the two didn’t split until June of that year. We also checked with a spokesperson for Gaga, who confirmed the story was inaccurate.

During the summer of 2019, the outlet purported that Gaga and Cooper were hiding their romance. Does the magazine even keep up with its storylines? Gossip Cop had already corrected the idea of Gaga and Cooper being “in love.” Quite frankly, we shouldn’t have had to address it since the two have denied the rumors multiple times. Let’s hope these tabloids got the hint.