Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Shock: Sussexes Won’t Live In Canada Permanently

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been living in Canada throughout the past three months. But a royal commentator said that North America may not be the royal couple’s permanent home.

On the “Royals” podcast, royal commentator Angela Mollard said that she doesn’t think the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will always be where they are currently staying in.

“I don’t think the North American experiment will necessarily be what’s still happening in ten years’ time. In fact, all manner of things could happen to that family,” she said.

Mollard went on to say that it’s quite easy to predict where Prince William and Kate Middleton will be in ten years because they will become the king and queen of Britain. However, no one knows what exactly Prince Harry and Markle will be doing ten years down the line.

“I have no idea about Meghan and Harry and about what their life might look like in all faculties. When it comes to working their relationship their child-rearing no one can predict what will happen there,” she said.

Mollard also encouraged Prince Harry and Markle to bring Archie back to the United Kingdom every now and then so that he could forge a relationship with his cousins and other relatives.

The royal commentator claimed that Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis have a special relationship with Savannah and Isla Phillips, and Archie should have the opportunity to experience the same thing with his cousins.

“I would hope that he was a little bit more enmeshed, not just in the family, but in some of the wonderful things the royal family stands for which is a sense of duty and stability,” she said.

Unfortunately, Prince Harry and Markle have decided to not bring Archie back to London when they traveled there for a series of final royal engagements last week.