Meghan Markle Allegedly Wanted To Marry Ex-Boyfriend Cory Vitiello

Meghan Markle’s relationship history has been the subject of discussion ever since she started dating Prince Harry.

Now, it has just been revealed that the Duchess of Sussex had her eyes set of marrying another man after her divorce from Trevor Engelson.

While speaking with In Touch Weekly, former psychic Richard Win revealed that Markle planned to buy a wedding dress while dating Cory Vitiello. The psychic said that Markle wanted to marry her ex-boyfriend, and their discussions were mostly centered on their relationship.

“I mean, she was really in love with Cory. She told me his mother and his sister were like family to her. When she was coming to me, she was on “Suits” but when she came to me, she really wanted to do a cooking program with Cory. She was really planning on settling down with [Cory],” Win said.

But even though Markle was serious about wanting to marry Vitiello, Win said that he already knew that the two wouldn’t end up together. The psychic reportedly kept telling Markle that she would end up in London, and this is exactly what happened.

“I always kept telling her that I saw her in London and I saw her with a lot of British people. She always told me she loved London and loved Brits so I always told her, ‘Meghan, you should go to London, and that’s what she did,” Win said.

Meanwhile, the psychic isn’t the only person who shared her predictions regarding Prince Harry’s wife. Earlier this year, psychic Georgina Walker claimed that Prince Harry and Markle’s Megxit could spell the end of the British monarchy.

Walker claimed that Queen Elizabeth wants to refresh the monarchy to make it a younger approach. She also said that Megxit will have long-term implications, and Prince George won’t be king because Prince William will be the last member of the royal family to rule the monarchy.