The Shocking Way Queen Elizabeth Helped Meghan, Harry Split

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle officially split from the royal family in 2020, but Queen Elizabeth seemingly laid down the groundwork for them to do so. 

As reported by Express, Simon Jenkins wrote that the monarch and her husband Prince Philip’s decision to hire people to handle public relations in the 1960s was the door opener for members of the royal family to transition into becoming celebrities. 

Jenkins explained, “The truth is that [Harry and Meghan] are victims of a policy dating back to the Sixties, a decision by the Queen to embark on a new concept of monarchy.”

“It was crudely to make a family soap opera,” he added in reference to “Royal Family,” a documentary about the Windsors released in 1969.

The result was a success in the eyes of Prince Philip at the time as it made the royal family seem more accessible and relatable. Not to mention it also increased their popularity. 

With the evolution of technology, it’s easier than ever for fans to connect with their favorite well-known individuals and in turn, support them. It’s because of this that Meghan and Harry were able to forge their own path and will likely easily become financially independent from the Commonwealth.

Other famous celebrities like Ryan Seacrest and Mark Cuban weighed in on this during the TMZ/Fox special “Harry & Meghan: Royals In Crisis,” which aired in late January. 

“The docu-world, the sports world, the adventure world… these are silos and genres which I think we could see Harry succeeding in,” Seacrest said.

Cuban added, “They will be able to pick and choose whatever they want to do and make an ungodly amount of money doing it. They’re gonna be living the dream.” 


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