Prince Harry Confides In Friends Not Meghan As Relationship With William Remains Awkward

Prince Harry confides in his friends from the U.K. to protect his wife Meghan Markle from his stress as his relationship with his brother, Prince William, remains awkward.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are officially no longer working royals since April 1. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced in January that they were stepping back as senior members of the royal family after returning from their Christmas break from Canada.

Although Prince Harry is away, he is reportedly still communicating with the royal family including his father Prince Charles and sibling Prince William. However, his connection with Kate Middleton’s husband has not returned to normal yet.

“Charles found a  great deal of comfort  in their conversations while he was recuperating from coronavirus,” a source told Us Weekly.

“They speak, but it’s awkward,” the insider said about Prince Harry and Prince William’s relationship. “He’s hurt that Harry isn’t in London to support the family amid the coronavirus outbreak.”

Prince Harry and Markle are reportedly now staying in the U.S. The royal couple has faced intense backlash for leaving Canada and moving to Los Angeles. The Duke of Sussex doesn’t want to bring stress to his wife, so he reportedly confessed his problems over the phone to his pals from his home country.

“Like any household right now, there are ups and downs. To his credit, he  tries to shield Meghan from his stress . So he’ll confide to friends in the U.K. over the phone,” the source added.

Meanwhile, Christina Blizzard slammed the couple in an op-ed for Toronto Sun after Prince Harry and Markle left Canada without any gesture of thanks. The Sussexes did not announce that they were leaving the country, only sources close to them confirmed that they were already in California.

“We welcomed you to our shores, gave you the best security money can buy — our Mounties — and you leave without so much as a thank you? What a couple of self-entitled, spoiled brats,” Blizzard wrote. “They slunk off with no gesture of thanks. No token of their appreciation for the support they were given here. What a disgrace.”

Meanwhile, royal correspondent Omid Scobie felt that Markle was the “biggest missed opportunity the royals have ever had.” He added that Prince Harry’s wife was never treated decently by the press because they attacked her since day one.