Did Queen Elizabeth Force Prince Charles To Dump Camilla Parker Bowles?

Did Queen Elizabeth force her son Prince Charles to divorce his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles? That’s what one tabloid insisted one year ago.

In a ridiculous story published March 21, 2019, the Globe wrote that Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall has secretly divorced on the Queen’s orders. According to a so-called “palace source,” the queen wanted “all family scandals resolved before she dies,” thus demanding that her son divorce “that sharp-tongued shrew.”

Bowles, the suspicious insider said, refused to “go quietly,” demanding a divorce settlement of $213 million and that “all the divorce details be made public.”

The questionable source went on to say that Charles was “terrified” Bowles would “spill her guts and all his dirty secrets,” and was begging to keep the ordeal private “to avoid more shocking scandal and embarrassment.”  The source concluded this salacious tale by saying, “This could bring down the monarchy.”

Gossip Cop investigated the tabloid’s claim last year and found it to be nothing more than a work of absurd fiction. The article forgot halfway through that it had originally established Queen Elizabeth, not Bowles, as the initiator of the divorce.

The premise that the queen demanded this divorce in order to be rid of royal family scandals was also ridiculous, given how much drama the split had allegedly caused. Charles and Bowles had also recently been spotted on vacation together. And to top it all off, a palace source just laughed off the rumor when Gossip Cop reached out to them for comment.

A year later has further proved how ridiculous this story is. To begin with, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall are still very much together. They have been photographed together multiple times. On their 14th anniversary last April, they even shared a sweet black-and-white portrait of themselves on Instagram. Additionally, Bowles has been seen multiple times in her mother-in-law’s company.

The queen quite obviously is not trying to push the heir apparent’s wife out of the picture “before she dies” – which, by the way, is not at all imminent. Queen Elizabeth may be elderly, but it’s not like she was at death’s door at the time Globe published this outrageous story, just as she isn’t today.


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Ah, the royal family, the gossip media’s most illustrious and high-falutin target. While much of the tabloids’ time these days is preoccupied with spinning insulting tales about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry,Gossip Cop has had to debunk plenty of phony rumors about Charles and Bowles over the course of their marriage.