Prince William and Kate Middleton in dramatic public show of unity with Prince Charles and Camilla

Prince William and Kate Middleton have shown a sign of unity by stepping out for a rare joint engagement with Prince Charles and Camilla

The royal couples were visiting the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre (DMRC) in Loughborough on Tuesday, where Wills also took part in some wheelchair basketball.

Hilarious footage from the event, which was shared to Twitter, shows the Duke of Cambridge struggling to dunk the ball in the hoop, until his father offered a helping hand.

As Wills repeatedly misses the hoop, Charles rushes to his aid and pushes him closer towards the hoop, which causes the crowd in the background to laugh out loud.

But when Wills misses again, Charles gives his firstborn son a gentle pat on the shoulders, as if to say, “nice try,” before walking away.

Determined to get a goal, Wills throws a final ball, which lands straight in the hoop, which causes the crowd to let out a massive cheer.

Both Wills and Prince Charles then joined in the excitement by cheering and throwing their arms up in the air.

The foursome visited the rehabilitation centre as part of their full day tour of Leicestershire, which is the first joint visit for both couples in nine years.

The centre provides neurological care, occupational therapy and physical rehabilitation for the armed forces using adapted gyms and a specialised swimming pool complex.

On the day, the father and son looked dapper in their classic suits, while Camilla cut a striking figure in a dark green coat and Kate in a navy ensemble.

It was later revealed that Kate had paid tribute to the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen by wearing one of his coats to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of his death.

Kate has long been a fan of the late designer, frequently wearing his garments are many important engagements, including her wedding day.