Experts drop grave warning about this coming COVID-19 catastrophe

Experts are now warning of a possible COVID-19 catastrophe on the horizon, even though new cases across the country are dropping.

The US is reporting a massive decline in new COVID-19 cases across the country, but now experts are warning of a coming COVID-19 disaster.

The warning comes after Texas Governor Greg Abbot announced he was lifting the statewide mask mandate. On top of that, Abbot said he will be lifting the capacity restrictions on all Texas businesses, allowing them to reopen at full capacity on March 10.

Now, Darren Mareiniss, MD, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Sidney Kimmel Medical College – Thomas Jefferson University and expert in pandemic preparedness has issued a warning.

Mareiniss has said that the decision to list mask mandates and capacity restrictions are “premature”, and as a result of the lifts we can “expect a spike” in cases. Essentially, Mareiniss is saying that the mandates being lifted will result in a spike of new COVID-19 cases across Texas, and as a result will prolong the return back to normal life.

Mareiniss said, “This is frustrating because it is similar to what happened last spring. Several states opened prematurely then and cases spiked. We can expect the same type of spike as a result of prematurely lifting restrictions.”