This is the strange ‘life-changing’ post-COVID symptom

Recovered COVID-19 patients have said that this is the ‘life-changing’ symptom that they still have to live with months later.

Many patients that have successfully recovered from their COVID-19 infections are still living with some symptoms. Some of these symptoms have been described as “life-changing”.

Pediatric nurse practitioner Jennifer Knight tested positive for COVID-19 back in July and recovered from the infection in only a few weeks. She has been living with one of these post-COVID symptoms for many months now.

In January 2021, Knight said she was eating Mexican food with her husband while they were out, and she noticed that the margarita that she ordered smelled like a “dirty old rag”.

This post-COVID symptom that Knight is experiencing is called parosmia, and it’s the loss of smell and smell. According to Knight, she has had to change her shampoo, toothpaste, and detergent.

Additionally, Knight says she has to take a shower with a nose plug, and she can’t go and enjoy a nice meal at a restaurant as the smells make her feel sick.

Knight said, “It’s pretty life-changing, I mean, you don’t realize how much everything is surrounded around food, even just coffee. My whole office has had to change their routine, everybody has to put a lid on their coffee, we can’t make coffee in the office right now.”