Prince Harry in ‘dire need of a hug’ amid growing royal problems

Prince Harry
Prince Harry

Prince Harry is said to be in ‘dire need of a hug’ as he struggles with a ‘miserable’ start to the week after King Charles’ latest royal shakeup meant he was sidelined from an important royal role.

Talking about Charles’ decision to expressly name Princess Anne and Prince Edward as his Counsellors of State after Prince William despite the Regency Act naming Prince Harry after the Prince of Wales, a royal expert said the Duke of Sussex must be having a ‘rough’ week.

Writing for News AU, royal expert Daniela Elser said: “In quick succession and no particular order, Harry’s been sidelined from his final royal gig by his father King Charles; had to watch on from afar while his family took part in an event that used to be one of the most meaningful days on his calendar…”

She added: “… By all accounts; and has been unceremoniously reminded that Brits prefer his sister-in-law Kate, Princess of Wales, then him and his wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.”

Elser then stated: “Even the most robust of egos would be in dire need of a hug and warm matcha latte right about now.”

Elser’s comments come as Harry was essentially sidelined by King Charles on Monday after he asked the UK Parliament to amend the Regency Act to include Princess Royal and Earl of Wessex; Harry remains a Counsellor of State but with the other royals also on the list, his chances of stepping in for the monarch are now slimmer than ever.