Meghan Markle Pulls A Masterstroke After King Charles’s Drama And Kate Middleton’s Snub

Meghan Markle is not letting the trouble at the crowning and Kate Middleton’s refusal to take a picture with her bring her down.

Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, showed up at one of the most important basketball games of the season on Monday night.

At the Arena, the Montecito royals saw the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Memphis Grizzlies.

Markle looked beautiful in her suit, which was light pink, and had short pants. The former actor chose to wear shoes in a color called “nude,” and she let her long hair fall over her shoulders.

Prince Harry wore a simple white T-shirt, pants, and a jacket to look comfortable. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got the attention of the 20,000 people at the stadium in downtown L.A. when they were shown on the jumbotron during the kiss cam.

The crowd, which included Kim Kardashian and her son Saint West, clapped and cheered for the power couple, hoping they would kiss, but Prince Harry couldn’t get his wife to do it.

Markle put on a show for the Duke of Sussex after she refused to kiss Prince Harry. She laughed nonstop and showed him a lot of love.

The appearance comes after a week of drama when Markle’s private letters to King Charles III about a member of the Royal Family who made a racist joke about her son Archie were leaked to the media.

Markle was forced to say in a statement that she didn’t leak the letters. The activist also made news when Kate Middleton took a shot at her by sharing a picture of Queen Elizabeth II with almost all of her great-grandchildren except Archie and Lilibet.

Royal fans say that Markle and Prince Harry’s outing shows that they want to stay in the news and use the attention to push their brands.

Markle is also showing the British royal family that she is a star even without the bright lights of King Charles’ wedding.

Afua Hagan, a royal expert, talked to ABC and said that the Duchess of Sussex’s decision not to go to the wedding was a masterstroke.

Hagan said, “Meghan’s choice not to go to the Coronation was brilliant. People can no longer judge her for what she wears, what she does, or for not getting into a car the right way. No one will be able to make fun of her.

One reason she didn’t want to give them entertainment was because of this. She didn’t want them to rip her to pieces. I think that made a big difference in her choice.” The powerful pair can still make news.