Shopify launches first AI-powered commerce assistant

Shopify AI-powered commerce assistant
Shopify AI-powered commerce assistant

Shopify, the leading E-commerce provider, has unveiled an exciting range of updates in its Summer ’23 Edition, putting AI at the heart of its advancements.

The company’s primary objective with these updates is to empower merchants, ushering in a new era of commerce with increased productivity, creativity, and capabilities.

One of the standout features in the Summer ’23 Edition is Sidekick, a cutting-edge AI-enabled commerce assistant exclusively designed for Shopify business owners. By engaging in conversations with Sidekick, entrepreneurs can fuel their creative process, enhance store quality, streamline workflows, and make more intelligent business decisions.

Enhancing the overall merchant experience is Shopify Magic, a suite of seamlessly integrated AI-powered features across the platform. Notable components include AI-generated, personalized FAQ responses tailored to individual stores, instant creation of blog posts for holidays and campaigns, and captivating commerce-oriented emails that are thoughtfully optimized.

Moreover, Shopify introduces Marketplace Connect, an innovative tool enabling merchants to directly sell their products on major marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, all within the Shopify ecosystem. This streamlined app significantly simplifies managing multiple sales channels, leading to improved order fulfillment, streamlined inventory management, and efficient product listings.

With AI-driven innovations at the forefront, Shopify’s Summer ’23 Edition demonstrates its commitment to revolutionizing E-commerce for the benefit of merchants and customers alike.