William and Kate issued warning about ‘diva-like behaviour’ amid claims Prince Andrew is ‘blocking royal lodge move’

Kate and William have received a cautionary message regarding their conduct amidst the alleged drama involving Prince Andrew and the Royal Lodge. It has been reported that Andrew is currently entangled in a feud with the King over vacating the Royal Lodge in Windsor.

According to recent reports, King Charles is making efforts to evict Prince Andrew from his residence at the Royal Lodge. The King has requested his brother to relocate from the £30 million, seven-bedroom mansion. However, Andrew is reportedly adamant about staying put, as he has resided there since 2003. His ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, has also been living at the Royal Lodge since 2008.

The Duke of York apparently intends to adhere to the terms of the 75-year lease he signed two decades ago. A source informed the Daily Telegraph, “He has a 75-year lease and has no plans to move house.”

Nonetheless, this situation has posed a challenge for Prince William and Kate, who reportedly desire to move into the Royal Lodge with their children. A source claimed that they are currently living in cramped conditions in their present four-bedroom home, Adelaide Cottage.

ED! spoke exclusively to PR expert and CEO of UnlockdPR, Jordan James, who shared his perspective on how Kate and William should handle Andrew’s refusal to leave the Royal Lodge. “Admittedly, this is a delicate situation, and if Prince Andrew hadn’t been mired in scandal, the nation might have considered the decision unfair,” James stated.

“But given his tarnished reputation and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s prominence in the national spotlight (and their positive public reception), it would be best for Andrew to gracefully step aside unless he wishes to be perceived as a petulant child-throwing a tantrum,” James added.

James proceeded with cautionary advice for William and Kate. “While their popularity is currently at an all-time high following recent events, they must tread carefully,” he advised.

“While they are poised to become some of the most relatable and beloved royals in recent memory, they must avoid any sense of entitlement or diva-like behavior that could swiftly erode public sentiment,” James cautioned, referencing how public opinion can swiftly shift from adoration to resentment.