Alexander McQueen Spring 2022 Ready-to-Wear Collection

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Just as fashion month was coming to an end, Alexander McQueen gave the fashion crowd another reason to scrub up and return to the catwalk, built inside a giant transparent dome at the top of an East London car park.

Why now? Couldn’t they have stuck to the Paris calendar, and spared everyone the extra trip to the far eastern reaches of London?

No, they could not — and for good reason.

McQueen creative director Sarah Burton said she wanted to “listen to the rhythm of her studio,” stay immersed in her London day-to-day and choose a time and place that suited the team.

Indeed, this had the feel of an indie show, one that was pure McQueen, and that didn’t conform to broader industry demands.

The crowd was mostly local; there was no street-style frenzy or fanfare outside the venue, while the vibrant front row was packed with McQueen supporters, including Kosar Ali, Vanessa Kirby, and Emilia Clarke, picked for their close relationship with the house, rather than the size of their Instagram following.

Guests sat inside this greenhouse-like dome, surrounded by views of the City of London and a sunny sky — a striking contrast to the eerie sounds of thunder that blasted through the speakers and reached a crescendo as the show was about to begin.