Yeohlee Ready To Wear Fall Collection 2020

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Yeohlee Teng played with tactile fabrics for her effortlessly chic and highly versatile collection.

This season, everything started with fabric research for Yeohlee Teng, who presented her effortlessly chic fall collection with one-on-one appointments at her NoMad store.

The designer played with Italian and Japanese textiles to create a sense of cosiness and in particular, versatility, which according to Teng, is the main trait defining the fluid and transitional state of fashion today.

Combining an “honourable schoolboy” inspiration with the “fiction of fashion,” an expression she used to criticize a certain resistance of the industry to accept change, Teng delivered a chic lineup, functional, approachable and beautifully executed.

Tactile charm stole the spotlight with the intriguing textures defining, for example, a crepe zippered jacket embellished with a cotton-ribbed lapel, which was paired with a coordinated graphic top and cotton ribbed leggings for a hyper comfortable yet polished look.

Echoing school uniforms, paper cotton shorts were worn with a white cotton shirt and a reversible featherweight wool cardigan in two tones of gray. Cozy alpaca was crafted into a caramel coat peppered with tangerine details, while a wool jumpsuit offered Teng’s personal take on a workwear look.