8 Closet Staples Women Who Always Look Put-Together Swear By

You know the kind of woman we’re talking about. She’s never late for brunch reservations. She has a signature scent. She owns and actually uses a planner. She’s who we all aspire to be: the put-together woman who just doesn’t seem to need to try that hard. And the reason she doesn’t need to try hard? A good arsenal of closet staples.

At some point, said the woman has probably slept through a Zoom call or tripped in public like the rest of us. But the reason we think she has her life together is that she looks like she does. Haven’t we all assumed anyone wearing a beret must also meditate in the morning and follow a six-step skincare routine? By building a wardrobe of everyday basics, you too can pretend to have it all figured out. Yes, we’re all pretending (even her).

1. Tailored trousers

Try putting on a pair of well-tailored trousers without feeling extremely put together. Impossible, isn’t it? Make it pinstriped or go for the classic camel—all styles of trousers are must-haves in our book. It’s time to channel your inner Shiv Roy and be a hashtag boss lady.

2. Loafers

Look inside any fashionable woman’s closet and you’re guaranteed to find at least one pair of loafers. They’re versatile shoe that instantly elevates any outfit. Try styling them with a maxi dress, a shacket and jeans, or a blazer and stirrup leggings.

3. A black turtleneck

It’s the closet staple that’s overtaken our closets. It’s a universal truth: You can’t just own one black turtleneck. The chunky knit, the fitted classic, the slouchy mock neck—yeah, we need them all.

4. Classic denim

Looking put together doesn’t require a suit or heels. In fact, the most polished outfits can be the easiest to assemble. Just like foundation builds a flawless base for your makeup, denim silhouettes create a canvas for any and every look. So what will it be? Bootcut, wide-leg, high-rise, or (whispers quietly) skinny jeans?

5. A white button-down

The ever-casual, always effortless button-down belongs in everyone’s closet. Try it on its own with jeans, under a sweater or sleeveless dress, or with a satin skirt.

6. A statement coat

Maybe it’s a trench or an oversized blazer, but ask any fashion girl and she’ll tell you about the coat that never fails to complete her OOTD. Sure, you could be wearing sweats underneath, but with a wool coat on top, you’ll look like you’re ready for anything.

7. A sweater dress

There’s a reason why a good sweater dress isn’t a nice-to-have but an essential. It’s a one-and-done piece that feels comfy, looks chic, and requires less than five minutes of effort.

8. Knee-high boots

Kick it into high gear with the shoe of the season. Not only are knee-high boots a 2022 trend, but they’re also a here-to-stay trend. Invest in a pair now and thank us later.