24 Outfits That Will Change the Way You Dress For Fall

I get it — you feel like Summer just started! How can we already be outfit planning for Fall? But sometimes all it takes is some really great inspiration to put you in the mood. I, for one, enjoy the challenge of transitioning some of my breezy Summer dresses into the new season.

I don’t stow away lightweight clothes and sleeveless shirts just yet; I use them to layer. While cooler weather might mean you’ll have to trade in strappy sandals for close-toed mules, you should embrace the resulting vibes and just think of the many, many exciting combinations you can create. I was particularly entranced by the street style at Copenhagen Fashion Week, where women pulled out their boots, trench coats, and blazers that deserved a moment (and have likely been pining for the spotlight on a hanger in the closet).

Below, you’ll be able to take notes on tips and tricks that will really update your wardrobe basics for Fall, even if you haven’t found the time to go shopping yet. Scroll down for some top notch looks I’m trying, none of which are without color, fun prints, and eye-catching bags — because no one said anything about muting your color palette.