Dua Lipa SLAMMED post her video from Lizzo’s Grammys 2020 after party at a strip club goes viral; Check Out

Dua Lipa is being slammed on Twitter post her video from Lizzo’s Grammys 2020 after-party at a strip club in LA goes viral online. Check out the reactions.

After her big win at Grammy Awards 2020, Lizzo hosted an after-party at a strip club to celebrate the night. She was joined by Lil Nas X, Rosalía and Dua Lipa and they all ended up dancing all night.

The following day, Dua Lipa faced backlash on the internet after her after a video of her partying at the strip club went viral online. The video, originally posted on Lizzo’s Instagram story, features the Don’t Star Now singer dancing and throwing bills at the female strippers.

While the songstress clearly had a fun night at the party, her fans weren’t so pleased. People slammed her for going to a strip club and being anti-feminism. Suddenly #dualipaisoverparty was trending on Twitter.

This prompted many to defend the singer. Reacting to the hashtag, various social media users called out the trolls for slamming Lipa. After the issue went viral, the social media users who took offence at the singer’s video, deleted their tweets and the hashtag is now being used to defend Lipa.

“Wait so Women aren’t allowed to go to strip clubs now? Istg y’all don’t even know how toxic this cancel culture is getting. Y’all got the nerve to cancel Dua Lipa for going to a strip club meanwhile there are men in the same industry that do this on a daily basis #dualipaisoverparty,” a fan wrote in Lipa’s defence.

“Sooo let me get this straight, you’re cancelling Dua because she went to a strip club, claiming she’s anti feminism, the same feminism that shouldn’t stigmatize sex workers? Okay. #dualipaisoverparty,” another wrote. “I’m if ur a REAL feminist u would support sex workers and especially OTHER WOMEN THAT SUPPORT THEM TOO I- what are y’all not getting,” another tweet read.

Lizzo ruled the night at the award ceremony. She opened the award show with a powerful performance and ended up winning three gramophones. Once the ceremony was over, she headed over to a strip club in Hollywood with her musician friends. According to a report by Page Six, the singer also had some male strippers come in to celebrate her win.