Did Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton Get Married In A Secret Backyard Wedding?

Did Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton get married in a backyard wedding in L.A. last year? That’s what one tabloid claimed in an article, but it was all made-up. DC debunked the story one year ago today and checks in on the situation for updates.

In February 2019, the National Enquirer published an article claiming that the music power couple were finally going to tie the knot at a small backyard wedding in Los Angeles.

Unnamed sources apparently told the tabloid that the intimate ceremony would be followed up by a huge five-day celebration at Shelton’s Oklahoma ranch, as well as a fully unspecified third ceremony somewhere else.

The story was obviously false. DC reached out to Stefani’s spokesperson, who confirmed for us on the record that no such wedding was planned. Stefani had also publicly stated she felt “zero pressure” to get engaged to Shelton. The two were clearly not thinking about marriage at the time.

So has anything changed in the year that’s passed since we first debunked this theory? Well… sort of, but also not really. Rumors about a possible secret marriage have continued to circulate, with fans theorizing that it’s already happened. 

The country music star was purposefully vague when asked about marriage rumors in a recent interview with ET. “I love those rumors,” he joked. “Anybody that thinks I am married to Gwen already, I love it.”

While that inconclusive response may be enough to convince some fans, there’s still no solid evidence it’s actually happened. In December, People reported that the pair are “ready to take the next step” and were “definitely headed toward marriage” but have hit a slight roadblock in some of the wedding proceedings.

The magazine’s sources, who are consistently more trustworthy than the Enquirer’s explain that Stefani hopes to have a Roman Catholic ceremony, which is complicated by the fact that she has already been married once already and therefore needs to get an official annulment. So while the “I dos” may be only a matter of time, the Enquirer clearly knows absolutely no insight into how, when, or where it will happen.

Because of the highly publicized nature of their relationship, Shelton and Stefani are the frequent subjects of ridiculous rumors like this one, usually having to do with a potential engagement or wedding. DC has debunked many rumors just like this one in the proceeding year.

In December, In Touch alleged that Stefani had threatened to leave Shelton if he didn’t propose. Last month, OK! Australia claimed the two were planning a $3 million wedding. Both of these stories—and all of the other ones—are absurd. When Stefani and Shelton do finally seal the deal, you probably won’t be hearing about it first from unreliable outlets such as these.


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