Queen has the last laugh after Harry and Meghan’s wrong move

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s plans for a clean break from the British royal family have seemingly come unstuck after it was revealed they made one “fundamental” mistake.

Speaking during an interview on The Bolt Report, commentator Rowan Dean praised the Queen for how she managed the Sussexes departure, saying she had the “last laugh”.

When host Andrew Bolt asked whether the Queen “had the last laugh, Rowan said: “She absolutely does, and the Palace have played this exceptionally well.

“Basically, if you look at what Harry and Meghan did as a kind of metaphor for the millennial, woke generation… they thought they could have it all at no cost to themselves.

“Virtue-signalling their way in a lifestyle of abundant wealth and fame and glamour, and let other people bear the consequences while they jetted around.”

He added: “It’s all coming unstuck bit by bit because the fundamental mistake they made is they didn’t understand the institution.

“You would have thought Harry would have understood it but he doesn’t understand the institution his family is part of – the Royal Family is there to protect the constitution on behalf of the British taxpayers.

“They thought they could have it all. The Queen has handled it very well.”

The royal commentator went on to say that while he is pleased with how Her Majesty handled Harry and Meghan’s exit, he was initially concerned over some of her decisions.

“She started off saying: ‘you’re going to lose the HRH.’ Well, the HRH is what all the luvvies around the world desperately love about Meghan and Harry. That’s gone!” he said.

“The Queen at the time said they can hang on to the Sussex Royal thing and I was disappointed she said that because it was a blatant attempt to make a brand, to capitalise on the monarchy.

“Make millions, potentially billions, off the monarchy while living in Canada – this is an absolute obscenity,” he said.