What Happened To Demi Moore Becoming Tom Cruise’s ‘Scientology Bride’?

Tom Cruise’s affiliation with Scientology has led to strange some rumors about the actor recruiting other celebrities. Last year, a tabloid reported Cruise was begging Demi Moore to be his “Scientology Bride.”

Tom Cruise and Demi Moore shared the screen in the early 90s when the two starred in the film, A Few Good Men. 365 days ago, NW reported that Moore was on the verge of joining Scientology at Cruise’s behest.

An insider spilled to the magazine Cruise and Moore “became great friends” and stayed in touch following the release of the American legal drama, but things were also “heating up” between the former costars.

The source revealed “friends” were convinced Cruise was going to make Moore his “Scientology bride.” “The chemistry between them was sizzling, but what gets Tom and his Scientology pals excited was the prospect of immersing Demi into the teachings of the church,” the unnamed informant continued.

The tabloid’s insider further divulged that Cruise and Moore were enjoying secret dates with each other which also included lectures about the founder of the controversial religion, L. Run Hubbard.

At the time, NW asserted Moore was “days away” from signing up. Yet, an entire year has gone by and there haven’t been any reports about the actress becoming a Scientologist. Weirdly, the story sounded as if Tom Cruise was Dracula searching for a new bride.

We ran the article by a source close to the situation at the time who confirmed it was fabricated. Obviously our reporting was more accurate as we look back on this bizarre tale.

In regards to NW, the publication isn’t very trustworthy when it comes to reporting on Tom Cruise. For instance, in 2019, we busted the same tabloid for claiming Cruise was trying to make Dakota Johnson a Scientologist by dating her.

Last April, we dismissed another phony story from the outlet that alleged Cruise’s adopted children embracing Scientology were causing Nicole Kidman to have a breakdown. Neither story was true.

Or course, it made no mention of its claim of him wanting to marry  Demi Moore just months before. Simply put, the magazine has no insight on the actor and shouldn’t be taken seriously.