Why Kim Kardashian Reportedly Never Uses Her Pool

It’s no secret Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have extravagant taste. Considering this, it’s no surprise they spent several years remodeling their Hollywood mansion, now valued at $60 million.

West claims he designed the home to replicate a “futuristic Belgian monastery.” Architectural Digest is featuring the home in their March 2020 issue. Kardashian explains in the article she has never used one of the most expensive things in her house.

Architectural Digest refers to Kardashian and West’s California home as “one of the most fascinating, otherworldly, and, yes, strange pieces of domestic architecture on the planet.”

In 2013, the power couple transformed an ordinary piece of Calabasas real estate into a “boundary-defying” home that matches each of their artistic personalities. The house is like no other in the area and truly defines their unique style.

West is a self-proclaimed interior designer with a passion for acquiring ultra-expensive pieces to showcase in his palatial estate. Recently, he traded in his Mercedes-Maybach luxury automobile, so he could purchase a Polar Bear sofa from acclaimed French designer, Jean Royère.

The sofa, designed in the 1940s, is the trophy of art collectors, going for close to half a million dollars at auction. Jennifer Aniston and Ellen DeGeneres also own one of these highly sought-after sofas. West says this exquisite piece is, “my favorite piece of furniture.” At that price, hopefully, his kids keep the lids on their sippy cups.

In an attempt to keep things pure, off-white plaster is used throughout all of the rooms in the house. Pale natural materials are used to accent the walls, with very few furnishings. Of the pieces they do have, Kardashian says “I take real pride in knowing what we have and why it’s important.”

The couple’s use of a neutral palette and minimalistic design creates a calm space for them to retreat to after a busy day in their chaotic worlds. West says he doesn’t take his expensive collection too seriously and allows the kids to “ride their scooters down the hallways and jump around on top of the low Axel tables, which they use as a kind of stage.”

The interior of their home has long soaring hallways with defining edges and feats of architectural wonder around every corner. The world-renowned designer from Belgium, Axel Vervoordt, who helped design the remodel, recently talked with Architectural Digest about his experience working with the couple. He stated, “I discovered Kim and Kanye as wonderful human beings.

We have common values in life, important human values, like a respect for the beauty and spirituality of art,” the designer says. “You can call it religion, but this is perhaps beyond religion, a search for cosmic values of peace and positive energy. We had very profound conversations about the space of the mind and the importance of silence.”