“BIDEN INVITED US”; Illegal Migrants Spill The Beans As They Walk Through Private Property

Somewhere in the Rincon Village in Texas, a man who calls himself “Junior” reported that every day while he is on his private land (at least 4 days a week), he encounters illegal migrants walking through.

They all say the same thing, Biden nos invito, Biden invited us,” Junior explained to the reporters at the Daily Caller. He asked that his last name be omitted from the media as he is worried they might crowd him trying to access his land for content or news.

A Honduran man with a large group of migrants crossing Junior’s land told him that they are crossing because “the Biden administration gave them the opportunity to come to the US.”

“With Obama, it was mostly men with children, no women, but I asked a couple of times, ‘Where’s your daddy?’ and the kid — I remember one kid saying, ‘He’s not here,’ and the so-called father was like five feet away and says, ‘I’m right here.’ He was angry, he was upset, and I could tell, he ain’t the father, but there is nothing I can do,” Junior recounted.

The Daily Caller adds this:

The illegal migrants have not caused damage to property because they only walk along the road, but they have left behind trash including various medications, clothing and bottles, Junior told the DCNF. He added he has not recognized anyone that stands out as possible coyotes or cartel members.

Another large group, this time from Guatemala, told Junior that “they aren’t delinquents” and that they are only coming into the US illegally to find work. A group of young Hondurans said that they came to the US because a hurricane had destroyed their home, and that it was easier to enter the US under the Biden administration.

Under President Trump, the land owner said that he could go weeks, sometimes months without seeing illegal migrants, but now it’s become daily occurrence.

Before Biden was sworn into office, illegal migrants had to walk until they encountered border officials, and were brought in. But now, it seems, they just walk in from anywhere.