Best Worst Dressed Celebrities Met Gala 2016

The Best Worst and Most Robotic Looks from the Met Ball
The Best Worst and Most Robotic Looks from the Met Ball

Best Red Carpet Looks From Met Gala 2016 Celebrity Met Gala Dresses.

At Met Gala themes go, "tech white tie" is pretty broad. Considering that it could mean anything from robotic arms to Mark Zuckerberg’s gray T-shirts, it was anyone’s guess where the invitees would go with it. To inaugurate the Met’s brand-new Manus x Machina exhibit, they arrayed themselves as everything from C-3PO to C-3PO’s girlier cousin to an intergalactic waitress.  Some, like Sarah Jessica Parker, chose to evoke the past rather than the future, while others went full Tron. Were there robot arms? Oh yes, there were robot arms. Click through the slideshow to see all the superlatives.

Taylor Swift

With a harness detail and plenty of side exposure, this is Swift’s version of Bad Sandy showing up to the carnival.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Hamilton jokes and Puffy Shirt references abounded as SJP, never one to interpret a theme literally, opted for a doublet and pantaloons. Maybe she knows something we don’t about what fashion trends will be next up for recycling (farewell, early aughts, hello Enlightenment?)

Zayn In Versace

Zayn stepped out in the latest phase of his reinvention: from boy-bander to solo artist to now, cyborg-in-progress. Quoth one person on my Twitter timeline, "omg lol wtf."


Beyoncé’s 2016 answer to last year’s naked dressing spree: a skintight latex creation from Riccardo Tisci, the better to show off that couture body. As for the accessory of the year her bat from Lemonade it wasn’t anywhere to be found. 

Lady Gaga

Gaga has reverted to her old ways with a formal leotard. Brava. Jazz Gaga was starting to grate on us.

Alicia Vikander

From the waist up, this is one of those souvenir T-shirts with a bikini outline. From the waist down, it’s an apron. We liked her Golden Globes interpretation of the silhouette, but this seems more like she’s picking up an extra shift at an intergalactic restaurant.

Tavi Gevinson 

In prairie-style ruffles and florals, Gevinson looks ready to throw herself bodily onto a loom mid-Industrial Revolution. 

Cindy Crawford

The original supe is showing those Instagirls (like Kendall, in Versace) how it’s done.

Julie Macklowe

On a night like this, someone has to go full android, and Macklowe was up to the challenge.

Idris Elba 

Consider this tux ‘n’ tails his audition.

Florence Welch

Welch leaned more towards the "manus" side of the equation with an iridescent Alessandro Michele design that caused one Cut editor to dub her Formal She-Ra.

Willow And Jaden Smith In Chanel

The Smiths are way ahead of all of you. They teleported here in Chanel, from the future.

Katy Perry

Not a lot of competition there.

Nicki Minaj

Minaj saw "tech white tie" on the invite and thought "Time to pile on the buckles. Preferably bedazzled ones. Oh, and gloves." Somehow, it works.

Kim Kardashian

This is like a metallic version of the great Britney and Justin Denim Co-Ordination of 2001. If ripped jeans on the red carpet are the future, take us there now.

Solange Knowles

She hardly needs to say a thing  this hue in her favored semi-circle shape– says it all for her.

Lyons, Lena Dunham, And Jenni Konner In J. Crew

Meet J. Crew’s two newest hires.

kendall jenner

Kendall Jenner met gala 2016

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