Gayle King refutes Royal Family ‘tourist trap’ jibe in resurfaced Meghan Markle Rant

Gayle King took aim on The Late Show as she defended Meghan Markle’s relationship with Prince Harry and clapped back at a jibe about the purpose of the Royal Family

Gayle King has been embroiled in a number of debates about the Royal Family in recent months, especially as she has been an outspoken supported of Meghan Markle.

The 66-year-old co-host of CBS This Morning has defended the Duchess of Sussex throughout her time with the royals, including her decision to move to California with Prince Harry and their decision to speak out to Oprah Winfrey in a tell-all interview.

Back in 2018, Gayle appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and found herself furiously defending the Royal Family against Colbert’s jibes about them.

The resurfaced interview saw Gayle label the talk show host a “cranky American” as he questioned the validity of the royals.

He said that the Royal Family was “just a tourist trap” and “an affront to everything this country stands for” – referring to the United States.

Gayle hit back at him saying that they were part of Britain’s “culture” and stated that Meghan and Harry’s relationship was a “good love story”.

Gayle added that she “got up at four am” to watch Princess Diana’s wedding and “unfortunately” did the same for the ‘People Princess” when it was her funeral.

Since Diana’s death, Gayle said that Harry had been “a little mischievous” and had “some issues” but in meeting Meghan, she said it was “nice to see him as a grown-a** man in love with someone who is very unexpected”.

Explaining why Harry’s relationship with Meghan was “unexpected”, Gayle said: “So look at Meghan Markle – she’s biracial, she’s older, she’s 36 he’s 33, she’s divorced, she was a working actress.

“So all of the things you would think the Royal Family would be [disapproving sounds].

“It’s so unexpected but they really have embraced her and I think it’s great.”

Fast forward a couple of years and Gayle was defending the couple amid the fallout of Megxit, saying that it was not a snap-decision to quit the Royal Family and that Harry “did not make that decision in a vacuum”.