Prince Harry Becoming American Citizen, Risks Losing Title?

Prince Harry has now lived in America for about a year. He and Meghan Markle are settled into California life, but one tabloid notes that he could be risking his titles if he becomes a US citizen.

According to the Globe, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle “will finally cut all ties to royalty… if he follows through with a vow to become a US citizen.” The outlet says that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex “have abandoned royal traditions to become a money machine despite coyly downplaying their connection to Britain’s monarchy.”

A source believes that the titles are key to their business deals, as “the titles are still there to people who want to bathe in the glamour of being around royalty.” A royal expert tells the magazine that Prince Harry would still be free to go by Prince if he wanted to though, as “there is no law preventing him from being called” prince.

He could also “choose to be styled as the younger son of a duke because he is,” but that “might not suit Meghan.” The tabloid concludes by saying that the Suits star is “a social climber and loves the glamour her marriage brings.”

There is very little meat to this story, as it mostly just insults Markle as a “social climber” who would rather be a “money machine” than a princess. The Sussexes have landed podcast and television deals, and it’s not just because of their titles — there are loads of royal family members with fancy titles who do not get a deal with Netflix.

This is the same tabloid that cruely said Markle faked her miscarriage as a publicity stunt, so we know it simply hates the couple and has no real insiders with legitimate information. There’s no reason to take this article seriously as it backtracks from its own premise halfway through.

In a story about how Prince Harry “risks his titles,” most of it is spent explaining how he can keep them. We also want to point out that if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle really did want to “cut all ties to royalty,” then they simply could’ve left the titles in England.

The actual issue at hand here is what could happen to Prince Harry’s citizenship is extremely complicated. It combines the complicated issue of royal titles with the even more complicated issue of the American immigration system.

There are many different ways Prince Harry, who’s developed multiple high-power connections in his life, could stay in the United States that wouldn’t impact his titles. Gossip Cop busted this tabloid’s previous tall tale about Prince Harry’s alleged love child and its story about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex blindsiding the queen when they moved out of Frogmore Cottage.

Most recently, we debunked its narrative about the presence of some kind of secret Princess Diana tapes. This crass tabloid has no real royal stories to tell so it instead just makes stuff up. Prince Harry is not risking his titles, so this story is bogus.