Prince Harry caught fiddling with the Queen’s personal phone in rare prank

Prince Harry has always been known to be the prankster of the family and recently it was revealed that the prince once got away with tampering with the Queen’s personal phone.

Author of the book, The Wicked Wit of the Royal Family, Karen Dolby reiterated the incident and was quoted telling Express.UK, “Prince Harry… is known for his sense of fun, and is said to have once recorded a message on his grandmother’s mobile phone so that anyone calling was greeted by ‘Hey, wassup? This is Liz.’”

It is still unknown how the Duke even got a hold of the heavily guarded and encrypted device. A former butler who served the family for many years, Paul Burrell, also touched upon his prank, dubbing Harry the “only one” who could ever get away with pranking the Queen in such a way.

During his interview with OK magazine he touched upon an older prank the prince once pulled on his grandmother, “I know the Queen very well and I know she’s very fond of Harry. As William would sit and have tea with her after school, Harry would come and put plastic flies in the sugar bowl! It was hilarious. Harry was the only one who could trick his granny.”

Even Barry Colenso, master chocolatier who was commissioned with the task for preparing Prince William’s wedding cake claimed, “We’d just finished the cake, and I remember Harry came bounding in. Then he pretended to box with the top decoration. We were all like: “Oh no!