Prince Harry Snubbed Prince Charles By Not Wishing Him A Happy Birthday?

Wishing someone a happy birthday is a merry gesture to show people you care about that you care about them. One of the dangers of social media is that there is now a public record of who sent who birthday wishes to whom, and when. Last Saturday, Prince Charles turned 72, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sent no public birthday wishes.

Naughty Gossip reported that Prince Charles “Prince Charles was showered with social media best wishes from throughout the royal family…with the exception of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.” The lack of a happy birthday for his father leaves prince Harry looking bad, as his brother did take the time to send birthday wishes.

This blog does note that the Sussexes “may have sent private wishes.” This one line alone shows how little this blog knows about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It has absolutely no insight into their lives and instead publishes passive-aggressive stories like this.

The Sussexes indeed “may have sent” birthday wishes privately, but they could only send wishes privately, because they don’t have an active, public social media account. When Markle and Prince Harry left the royal family for California, they relinquished their official Sussex Instagram pages. The Sussexes posted a final farewell message:

The two have no public social media accounts like the rest of the royal family. There was no public birthday wishes not because of some snub or malice, but simply because the couple has no social media. To prove there’s no malice, we can look at their birthday wish to Prince Charles from last year. Last year’s post proves that this wasn’t a snub and only a by-product of not having an Instagram.

In an interview with Fortune, Markle opened up about why she left social media. She said, “for my own self-preservation, I have not been on social media for a very long time.” She added that the old Sussex royal account “wasn’t managed by us—that was a whole team.”

This line also shows that the birthday wishes extended from the queen or the Cambridges were likely posted by their respective social media teams. Markle added that “people that have become obsessed with it,” which is a sentiment proven when an anti-Sussex blog like Naughty Gossip keeps track of who wished happy birthday to whom.

We checked in with a spokesperson for the magazine who told us this story was “total nonsense.” Why the blog would want to take glory away from Beyonce is anyone’s guess, but it proves yet again that it knows nothing about Markle’s real life. This blog is an extension of the National Enquirer which has been relentless in its stories about the Duchess of Sussex.

It claimed she was demanding $90 million from the royal family under threat of making a documentary about Princess Diana. Before that, she was ordering Prince Harry to “get a job.” She’s just full of demands. The Sussexes are millionaires who don’t need to extort their extended family for money. The tabloid just knows making Markle look vain will sell magazines.