Prince Harry’s attacks becoming ‘mutiny against Royal Family’

Prince Harry
Prince Harry

Prince Harry has been gravely warned against continuing his onslaughts of attacks against the Royal Family.

This claim has been brought to light by royal author and expert Christopher Andersen, in his piece for the Royally Us podcast.

He started by warning, “I think any attack on William will be seen because William is the heir, as an attack on the monarchy. And, an attack on [King] Charles.”

He even branded the tensions between Prince Harry and Prince William a “chasm that can’t be breached anytime soon.”

“If this dog and pony show known as the monarchy is going to continue to thrive, it’s only going to be because of Charles’ ability to navigate all of it.”

“If he can’t, I think they’re in real trouble, and it’s very, very damaging to the reputation of the monarchy.”

“There’s no way to separate the family from the firm. The family firm is everything; they are the living, breathing embodiment of the state.”

“It’s a rigid system, and I don’t think there’s any images there. Meghan was a valuable asset to the Commonwealth. She is a charismatic and warm person, but rules are rules.”