TWO Royal Babies On The Way? A New Report Says Both Kate And Meghan Are Pregnant With Baby Girls

According to a brand new report, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are both expecting. Could we be in store but not one, but two new princesses? Could this also finally bring a truce to the feuding duchesses? 

An article in the latest issue of In Touch quotes palace insiders and friends telling the magazine both the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex are going to welcome baby girls in 2021. In an attempt to thaw relations between the sisters-in-law, Markle reached out to Middleton and, according to a source, she

got so emotional when she heard Kate was also having a girl that she called to congratulate her and broke down in tears.

Sadly, according to the source, things “went downhill – fast. They started arguing over who would get to name their little girl Diana.” It seems both Middleton and Markle both want to name their new daughters after Prince William and Prince Harry’s mother, Princess Diana.

It’s not just names Markle and Middleton are quarrelling over either. According to the tipster, Markle and Prince Harry want an eco-friendly nursery and “the best money can buy, with an African motif.” For Middleton, it’s all about being understated. The source says,

Kate, on the other hand, doesn’t particularly care if her nursery has the latest technology and luxury pieces. She has old-fashioned tastes and likes to keep it traditional and simple.

The magazine also reports that Amal Clooney, who organized a baby shower for Markle when she was pregnant with her son, Archie, has been tapped for round two as well, with the source stating,

Meghan wants this shower to be bigger and better. Since Amal helped plan the first and knows what Meghan likes, she’s the obvious choice to throw this one. The cost could hit $1 million.

There is a lot to unpack here. For starters, like virtually every other tabloid story about Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, there is an ugly bias against Markle. She is always portrayed as a mean, money-grubbing, ungrateful diva, while Middleton is portrayed as the epitome of English grace and class.

This story plays on the reputations both duchesses have, though Markle’s is the only one that is truly unfair. A million-dollar baby shower? Come on, are we really supposed to believe anyone in their right mind would do something that obnoxious? The pregnancy narrative is really just a way for the tabloid to trash Markle.

Whether either Middleton or Markle are pregnant is between their families and their doctors at this point. The news has not been reported by any other sources, including the BBC.

What makes us doubly dubious is that this isn’t even the first time In Touch has reported the two were pregnant at the same time. Two years ago the untrustworthy tabloid declared on its cover that Markle and Middleton were not only pregnant at the same time, but the duchesses had the exact same due date.

On top of that, it also purported Markle was having twins. Obviously the magazine’s “sources” were wildly wrong in July 2018, what makes us think we can trust them today? The answer is, we can’t.