Is Meghan Markle Pregnant And Leaving Prince Harry? Report Claims She’s Living In A Hotel

Tabloids attack Meghan Markle and Prince Harry with unrivaled fury. Every week, another hurtful story appears on the front pages about the royals-turned-producers. One tabloid cover story reports that Markle has betrayed Prince Harry by walking out on him while pregnant.

According to New Idea, the “strained relationship” between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is ripping them apart. With Prince Harry about to “fly home to the UK for crisis talks with his grandmother,” the tabloid reports Markle will not join him.

The trip has “driven a further wedge between the couple,” with Prince Harry spending “more time with his dog and young Archie than he does with Meghan.”

To escape the tension, Markle is now “living in a hotel” as the headline says. She’s at a local restaurant “several times a week” which has made locals “wonder if she actually lives there.”

Prince Harry used to accompany her to this same restaurant, but “nowadays, he’s by her side a lot less when she goes out.” This isn’t the first time this tabloid has said it was over for these two, but a lot of this evidence is not to be believed.

This tabloid specializes in bait and switch stories that promise much and deliver little. This time, the tabloid says “pregnant Meghan walks out” on its cover, but the actual story says nothing about pregnancy, at all.

Nothing. Instead, the story is about how Markle is spending increasing amounts of time at a local restaurant. She has neither walked out, nor is she pregnant, so this cover is inflammatory and bogus.

The cover photograph is reprinted in the story itself beside the caption “Meghan tried her best to go unnoticed while leaving her home recently.” The photo is not recent, as it comes from a Canadian grocery trip the Suits star took in December 2016.

December in Canada necessitates many layers of clothing, hence why Markle would have a bump. She’s also not wearing a mask which could tip you off that it probably isn’t a recent photo.

Prince Harry is going to soon come home to England, but it’s not to “face the music” with his grandmother as the tabloid says. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have a court date coming up, so both will head back to the UK before the year ends.

Gossip Cop is calling this story completely false as all the evidence in this story is either unreliable or completely twisted. The couple recently released their first portrait since leaving the royal family, so clearly, the Sussexes are still in love.

This is hardly the first royal bait and switch from New Idea. It said Markle had been arrested in a story about her willingness to be arrested. It claimed the palace had confirmed a Kate Middleton pregnancy, but the article was strictly speculation about a pregnancy. Another bogus report claimed Queen Elizabeth had landed in LA, but the story was about her possibly planning a trip to LA, something.

Each of these dubious cover stories promised royal news, but none of these stories backed the cover claims up. The Sussexes are still very much together as New Idea once again proves its covers are completely made-up.