Numerologist Says Kelly Clarkson Will Regret Divorce

Kelly ClarksonAmerican Idol star and coach on The Voice filed for divorce from her husband Brandon Blackstone in June after seven years of marriage. Now, a numerologist is telling a tabloid she’s going to regret that decision.

An article in the latest edition of the National Enquirer features an interview with a numerologist who says because the couple was in their “Personal Month of 2,” it was a mistake to file. The “famed numerologist” tells the publication, “The ‘Personal Month of 2’ makes you feel very emotional. You get very angry, you fight, and you end up saying things you regret!”

The numerologist goes on to explain that the couple was also in their “Personal Year of 5” which “suggests their marriage felt claustrophobic and out of control.” “This is when you want freedom to do what you want,” she said, adding,

With the coronavirus, Kelly and Brandon couldn’t have that kind of freedom, and it really hurt their marriage.

This numerologist, who it does not appear has even met the singer, adds some gratuitous and almost certainly unsolicited advice for Clarkson, saying, “I tell clients to NEVER end a relationship in a ‘Personal Year of 5’ because they end up regretting it!”

As if this ridiculous “advice” isn’t enough, the numerologist, who is not a licensed therapist, concludes, “Meeting up for weekly date nights would give them a chance to rekindle the love the once they once had.”

For starters, it really needs to be said that numerology ranks somewhere down with palm-reading and taro cards in terms of science. That is to say, it’s not a science at all. It is no more than a superstition. For lack of a better term, it’s baloney.

But that isn’t why we are calling out the tabloid here. Frankly, it’s just heartless that a publication would print a story like this. Clarkson and Blackstone have two children together and have a long history together.

The two met in 2006 and remained friends for years before they ever hooked up. They got engaged in 2012 and got married in October of 2013. Their daughter, River Rose, was born in 2014 and a son, Remington Alexander, followed in 2016.

Don’t the writers have better things to do than stick their noses in someone’s private affairs with a ridiculous story like this? This is certainly a trying and emotional time for Kelly Clarkson and her family, why add insult to injury with a pseudo-science claim that she’ll come to regret what is certainly a very, very heartbreaking decision? There really isn’t a story to “bust” here, as we normally do on this website, but we couldn’t let it pass, either.

In 2017 the disreputable paper alleged Kelly Clarkson had clogged a toilet at a Victorian mansion where she was reported working. With a headline like “Never Pooh Pooh A Kelly Clarkson Scoop,” it was easy to see how insulting the tabloid can be.

The whole story was bogus, of course, as was confirmed to Gossip Cop by our own source familiar with the situation – telling us there was no bathroom situation, in fact. The tabloids are always ridiculous, but it’s when the publications can downright mean and callous that they need to be called out the most.