Pregnant Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Bicker In Lonely Mansion

Just about every week, a different tabloid will take some needless shots at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Seldom, though, will a tabloid really pile the misery on.

A recent report claims that not only is Markle pregnant, but she and Prince Harry are friendless, have marital issues, and are going broke. Whew, okay.

This story of martial suffering comes from Life & Style who say the Sussexes “happily ever after eludes” them. The two are “miserable in their $14M mansion,” and feel lonelier than ever. “It’s all by their own design,” a so-called source claims. There are loads of bogus claims contained within this story, so let’s go through them one at a time.

Normally a story about Markle being pregnant would be enough for a cover story, but here it’s just sprinkled in. The cover calls her “pregnant Meghan,” and the story says she’s “in the early stages of her second pregnancy.” “A pregnancy might be the only thing that holds them together,” the alleged source says.

All information about a potential second pregnancy is speculative. There has been no official announcement, and until there is, it is irresponsible of the tabloid to act like this is a known fact. But there are other claims in the story that are easier to flatly debunk.

This tabloid usually paints Prince William and Kate Middleton as perfect people who do things the right way. This story uses Prince William as a kind shoulder to lean on, as it claims Prince Harry has “admitted to William that he feels lost.” Apparently, “Harry misses his old life in England, but William can’t help thinking that his little brother dug his own grave.”

This is almost verbatim what this tabloid said about Prince Harry earlier this same article. This isn’t how Prince William feels, it’s how the tabloid wants you to feel. The brothers recently issued a joint statement regarding a tribute to their late mother Princess Diana, so it doesn’t look like Prince William is cattily holding a grudge about his brother’s move.

As for Prince Harry missing the UK, this is the same tabloid that said he was planning to move to Africa because he “can’t stand being stuck in the U.K.” That article was before the duke and duchess stepped down, but it’s a good indicator that Life & Style has no idea where Prince Harry actually wants to go. If Prince Harry really missed the UK, he wouldn’t be buying mansions and setting up roots in California.

At the heart of this drama is anxiety over finances. “On top of their mortgage, property taxes are enormous,” the tabloid says, and it proceeds to list loads of other expenses. “They’re not as wealthy as people think,” the tabloid claims, and “there are no signs of new funds coming in. Actually, funds are coming in as the Sussexes have just agreed to a Netflix deal, so it’s safe to say a lot of money is about to come in.

This same tabloid has already done this song and dance about the Sussexes being broke. They are both millionaires who wouldn’t buy an expensive new home if they couldn’t afford to pay for it. This Life & Style story about anguish at home is just a loosely strung together greatest hits of Sussex drama.