Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in huge blunder

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle offended their Irish fans when they mistakenly added Ireland to the list of Commonwealth countries detailed on their website.

Details of the Sussexes blunder have resurfaced as Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William are currently on a royal tour of Ireland that kicked off on March 3 and will last until March 5.

While critics have speculated this was designed to avoid the Sussexes for the best part of their visit, the Cambridges are also on a mission to mend ties with Ireland and the UK as Brexit negotiations intensify. 

However royal fans hope the couple know their Irish history a little better than Meg and Harry. 

Writing for the Irish publication in January, reporter Caitlin McBride pointed out a serious error on the Sussex Royal website a couple of years ago. 

The pair had visited Ireland in July 2018 as their first official tour overseas as a married couple and claimed their visit was “to strengthen the Commonwealth” – despite the fact Ireland is not part of the group. 

The reporter explained: “Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have claimed their Irish mini-moon was an effort to strengthen the Commonwealth – even though Ireland is not a member of the group.”

Ms McBride continued: “The boast about their trip to Dublin in 2018 will likely be considered one of their first major diplomatic blunders since Ms Markle and Prince Harry announced plans to ‘step back from their roles within the Royal Family.”

The royals’ cock up is worsened by their apparent passion for the Commonwealth, as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have repeatedly emphasised that was one of the fields they were most interested in working in as a couple.

Hopefully Harry and Meghan will get their facts straight when they join Queen Elizabeth, Prince William and Kate Middleton at the Commonwealth Day service on March 9 at Westminster Abbey. 

It’s the first time the couple will appear with the rest of the royals since their bombshell announcement that they were leaving the royal family in January. 

Royal fans will be able to watch the ceremony unfold as the Commonwealth Day service will be broadcast live on BBC One in the UK and across the BBC World Service.

While Kate and Will have been on their royal tour of Ireland, Harry has been undertaking numerous engagements since he returned to the UK last week without his wife or son, Archie. 

On Friday, Harry teamed up with rock star Bon Jovi to raise funds for wounded servicemen and servicewomen in the Invictus Games. The pair met at Abbey Road Studios in London on Friday morning, where they recorded a rendition of ‘Unbroken’ alongside with the Invictus choir.

The brief video shows a nervous Prince Harry standing in front of a microphone with Bon Jovi listening carefully to the instructions given to him by the rock star.