Experts shed light on Prince Harry’s royal title debacle: report

prince harry
prince harry

An expert recently weighed in on the possibility of Prince Harry actually getting his title stripped.

The claim was made by Dr. Bob Morris, an Honorary Senior Research Associate at UCL’s Constitution Unit.

The constitutional expert told Express, “I think it is unlikely for a variety of reasons. First of all, they aren’t the most important thing in the universe that the Government is considering.”

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“Giving them attention might be something that would be politically unwise. Thirdly, you enrage their supporters who still exist. And it would be extremely puzzling to foreigners to understand what is going on.”

“So I think it is most unlikely that the Government would sponsor legislation. Now attempts might be made of course in Parliament for people to table Ten Minute Rule Bills and all the rest of it but I don’t think for a moment the Government would give them time.”

Prince Harry

Dr. Morris also touched upon the idea of stripping Prince Harry’s titles and admitted, “It would up to to the Government because the Queen does nothing politically except on advice and I can’t see a Government advising her to take away their titles. Now one can never say never but it seems most unlikely.”