Royals’ Heartbreak over Prince Harry’s New Betrayal

Prince Harry
Prince Harry

Prince Harry’s exit from Royal has irreparably damaged his bond with his brother as Prince William is desperately sad that the close relationship he once enjoyed with Harry has soured.

According to details, the Duke of Sussex doubled down during an appearance on the Armchair Expert podcast with actor Dax Shepard just as the dust settled on the Oprah Winfrey bombshell interview.

Harry, 36, spoke about the “pain and suffering” he experienced during his childhood and referenced a “cycle” of poor parenting within the royal family, one that he’s determined to break with his own children.

Royal author Phil Dampier tells New Idea that Harry’s latest moves are evidence he’s hell-bent on “ploughing on with his agenda, even if it further damages his relationships with the Queen, Charles and William.”

“He is making a living by moaning about his mental health and chucking members of his family under a bus at a time when they are reeling from the death of Prince Philip,” says Dampier. “The timing could hardly be worse.”

However, it is to be noted that Prince William and Duchess Kate, along with the rest of the royal family, are reportedly devastated and dejected over both Harry’s podcast interview and his Apple TV+ series, The Me You Can’t See.

“William and Harry have always had a pact – that no matter what happens, their memories of their mother are not for sale,” explains a royal insider.

“So to have Harry wheeling out Diana for a Hollywood docuseries is so bang out of order, William can hardly believe it. He thought that even with their differences in the past few years, their mum would remain sacred.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their resignation as senior Royals in a bid for independence, something Meghan Markle had been fighting forever since she joined the Royal Family.

Now, that the couple Sussex will be splitting their time between the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States (US), it looks like her efforts may finally be bearing fruit. However, it doesn’t look like the Queen and the Royal Palace are too pleased about it.