Report: Princess Beatrice, Husband Divorcing After Six Months Of Marriage

Were Princess Beatrice and her new husband Edo Mapelli Mozzi considering divorce after only six months of married life? One tabloid claimed Mozzi’s ex, and mother of his son, was partially to blame for the tension between the spouses.

Princess Beatrice’s Out Of The Honeymoon Phase?

“Beatrice & Edo: Divorcing After Six Months!” read the dramatic title out of last month’s Woman’s Day. The tabloid claimed Princess Beatrice, who had married her longtime boyfriend Edo Mapelli Mozzi in an ultra intimate wedding ceremony last summer, had already begun discussing divorce. Supposedly, the 32-year-old royal had already talked to her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, about calling it quits on the marriage according to one source.

The queen, the source asserted, had already been aware of “Bea and Edo’s marital troubles.” She was, however, “livid they wasted so much money” on the two’s supposedly $2.5 million wedding when the royal family was already allegedly having financial difficulties.

Edo Mapelli Mozzi’s Ex Coming Between Spouses?

Though the pair had only been married for about six months, the tabloid insisted that there were already numerous problems plaguing the union. The biggest problem was the alleged jealousy Princess Beatrice felt towards Mozzi’s ex, Dara Huang. Huang, who is also the mother of Mozzi’s 4-year-old son, had apparently begun to cause problems in Princess Beatrice’s marriage because of her close relationship with Mozzi. A source told the tabloid Princess Beatrice feels Mozzi is “more loyal” to Huang “because they share a son.”

Speaking of Princess Beatrice’s new stepson, the source went on to claim that she hadn’t expected “being a stepmother to be quite so hard.” In addition, Princess Beatrice, having grown up “incredibly spoilt,” was now “struggling with coming in second in Edo’s eyes.” Then there was the matter of her father Prince Andrew’s scandal and his alleged involvement with Jeffrey Epstein.

“It’s been very hard for her to create a life with a new husband with that kind of scandal attached to your family,” the insider explained before concluding, “Beatrice is very worried this isn’t going to work out, and if not, it will be humiliating.” This tabloid’s narrative is all over the place, but Gossip Cop will do our best to try to make sense of it all.

So, because she supposedly thinks that her marriage failing to “work out” will be too “humiliating” to bear, Princess Beatrice wants to go ahead and divorce her husband of less than a year? That makes absolutely no sense. It’s also typical of the tabloid to bring up Prince Andrew’s sex scandal in every single article about his two daughters, regardless of whether it’s relevant or not.

Princess Beatrice is likely as unhappy about the sex scandal as she was before she was married. Since the scandal didn’t keep her from getting hitched in the first place, it’s doubtful that she’s letting it affect more her now.

Woman’s Day has been a thoroughly unreliable source when it comes to the British Royal Family for years. Shortly after her marriage, Gossip Cop debunked a story out of the tabloid that claimed Meghan Markle had supposedly ruined Princess Beatrice’s wedding with mean comments about the new bride’s dress.

That simply wasn’t true. Equally false was the outlet’s report that Princess Beatrice was moving into her cousin Prince Harry’s old home, Frogmore Cottage. It’s unreal how often this magazine can get things wrong yet still remain in print.